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Welcome Emily Bender!

We are excited to welcome Emily Bender as our new Director of Community Engagement!

Emily Bender is a skilled community advocate with a talent for building inclusive, diverse coalitions. As a native Spanish speaker with 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Emily brings expertise in cultural responsiveness, program development, training design, facilitation, event planning, and community organizing.

Emily’s approach to community engagement is based in active learning and listening, serving the most marginalized, and providing collaborative leadership. She brings an awareness of cultural differences and intersectionality to a wide array of public health and social justice issues, including mental health disparities, youth development, LGBTQ+ communities, and affordable housing in the Sacramento region.

Emily has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s in Public & Nonprofit Organizations from Chapman University. She is an active member with PFLAG Sacramento, the Continuum of Care Advisory Board, Sacramento County’s Cultural Competence Committee, and the MHSA Steering Committee.



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