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The growing catalogue of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement tools and resources for mental health awareness and suicide prevention had become increasingly challenging for users to navigate.


The Social Changery led the creation of a new website for Each Mind Matters that houses all the resources and materials that have been developed, from data and reports to outreach materials, marketing materials, guides, toolkits, and more.


This intuitively-designed, fully searchable database houses more than 400 individual materials sortable by Resource Type, Target Audience, Language, Initiative, or Topic. The website features an ongoing series of Collections that show different groups of resources organized by Events/Observations and Target Populations, for example, a collection of resources for Older Adults or for Employers and Workplace Issues.


Due to client need to collect data at the county level, The Social Changery worked with developers to create a customized analytic framework that automatically sorts and organizes user data to align with evaluation metrics.

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